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"POP" & "POW" Superhero Style!

Kiyo OHara

The Power of Sequin Patches on Velvet Pillows to make a Superhero statement. Plus, the pillow covers can be washed by turning them inside out and gently washing.

Superhero Digs must have these new colorful pelted faux fur pillows and throws. Distinctive luxury at its best.

Shop @

Hospitality Design: Dragon 88 can do your custom digital printing, embroidery, laser cut, applique, studding, foil printing and create your own artwork! Or keep it simple, send us your COMs for us to do fabrication. Email us today for a quote at

Velvets, Photographic Art, Tribal Ethnics!

Kiyo OHara

Dragon 88's new collection with luxurious velvets that are wonderfully patterned in a tree bark pattern, bold solid stripes,, and soft luxurious solid velvets in a spectrum of colors. Digital printed pillows are graphically strong images with x-ray botanical looks of flowers and lotus leaves. Beautiful embroidered "macrame" patterns on a handcrafted looking fabric keeps the ethnic trend forward with a tribal feel. 

Modern Bali Deities Poolside!

Kiyo OHara

Bali is quite breathtaking! Temples and Water Palaces that are architectural wonders that were created in BC time immersed in lush landscaping. When you experience the sites and spiritual quality of the buildings and grounds, you wonder if our current architecture will stand the test of time. This picture is of the Mulia Resort, a sprawling resort with this part of the hotel hosting 3 pools adjacent to the gorgeous beach of the Indian Ocean. The statues are like great deities that remind us of the Temple of the Six Sisters at the Acropolis in Greece that gaze into the horizon, beautiful and timeless. 

Fringe & Basket Weave: The Modern Turn!

Kiyo OHara

Fringe is modern this season with sumptuous leather cut into swaying fringe on Dragon 88's black leather fringe pillow! The popularity of this new item makes us think we have to do some colors and maybe add some suede fringe version! 

Handcrafted looks continue, so our Basketweave Knit Pillow is a beautiful yet contemporary take in a heather knit. Hand woven together to form this basketweave pattern, the look is unique and so soft!


Kiyo OHara

Digital Printing has raised the bar in textiles with the ability to print photographs and more sophisticated prints that screen printing can never accomplish. We love the tonal colors that can be done and for hospitality all digital printing has to be done on polyester, so the cleaning and flame retardancy are all benefits. 

With the print wave continuing, collaging and patchwork, have become the new way of interpreting prints! 

New & Fabulous & Merci Beaucoup!

Kiyo OHara

A new site is like a birth. A new vision, an inspired new collection, and a fresh perspective on the brand and design. It always makes one reflect on the history of the company and how we have evolved. The passion of when we started has changed from the excitement of building a new company to researching new design techniques, fabrics, and raw materials to further the company design vision.

I personally feel the company character has been shaped not only from our Dragon 88 team but our creative clients, select fabric mills, and our quality contractors. We are lucky to work with the most prolific design teams, purchasing companies, and hotel ownerships. The mills, we select are known for their inspired fabric collections that march forward in trend and quality. Our contractors keep us ahead with their new techniques and we jointly push hard to ensure quality production and on time deliveries. So it is with a great "thank you" to this family of individuals from these loyal companies that make our daily Dragon 88 life fabulous and fun!